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We invite you to experience our ranges of fresh and dry dates, along with a wide variety of gourmet dates and other date products.
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In certain Arab countries, there is a tradition whereby when a son is born, a date tree is planted for him. The significance of this act is that the tree grows together with him and assures him that his family will never suffer from hunger.

From Madinah to the world

Premium Alarabi Dates

AlArabi Madina Date Company was established with the intention of making the blessed date fruits of Madina affordable and available to every home across the world.

Our premium dates are seasonally handpicked, cleaned and processed in our factory, carefully packaged to ensure lasting quality and freshness, and are thereafter shipped to various parts of the world. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a wide variety of dates to choose from. We have two ranges of dates; our Fruits from Heaven range that is ripe rutab (fresh) dates; as well as our Nature’s Indulgence range consisting of tamr (dry) dates.

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Specialized Date Products


Aside from our ranges of date fruits, AlArabi offers a selection of innovative food products, such as gourmet dates, date cookies, date pastes, as well as health shakes and energy drinks. We also have an extensive range of specialty gift boxes, tins and platters that may be customized to suit your taste, branding or event. It is in our interest to offer different ranges of date fruits and products to satisfy every market requirement, from premium retail and bulk wholesale to charitable distribution.

Working with dates continues to be a pleasurable experience and a wonderful learning curve, as the blessings of the dua of Nabi Muhammed (s.a.w) in the following Hadith are evident throughout;

‘O Allah! Grant us barakah (blessings) in our fruit (dates), grant us barakah in our town, grant us barakah in our food that is measured and grant us barakah in our food that is weighed.’ [Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1373]

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